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As the days become warmer and spring draws near, it’s time to prepare your plumbing system with Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain. To give you peace of mind for the upcoming season, we have gathered some useful tips to guarantee that everything runs smoothly: 


 1. INSPECT YOUR MAIN WATER SHUT-OFF VALVE: When was the last time you tested your main water shut-off valve? It’s wise to do so every so often, as you want to make sure it can rotate both clockwise and counterclockwise with little effort. If not, then repairing or replacing this fixture is essential. No one wants an impassable obstacle during a plumbing emergency! Let’s make sure that we can quickly access our main water valves in case of plumbing emergencies; the more prepared we are now, the better off we’ll be later. 


  • Faucets & Sink: Make sure that your home is well-maintained by conducting thorough inspections for dripping or leaking faucets at least once every new season. An effective inspection includes examining both the interior and exterior of all fixtures to ensure there are no signs of water seeping in! So, you should thoroughly inspect your pipes for rust and corrosion, especially under your sinks. When undetected leaks are left unresolved for long periods of time, your items under the sink as well as the cabinet may be subject to damage. So, checking under your sinks every now and then is never a bad idea. 
  • Toilets: If you notice any water accumulating around your toilet or if the toilet bowl is running continuously, this is a good indication that there may be some sort of leak. By acting now, it won’t turn into a more significant problem that might require professional help to fix.  

3. INSPECT YOUR DRAINS: From sinks to showers and fixtures – no drain is exempt from potential clogging! Investing in a drain screen can help avoid blockages, but it’s also essential to give your drains regular light cleanings. So, don’t wait until it’s too late and you are left with a bigger clog that has to be resolved by a professional. 

4. INSPECT YOUR OUTDOOR FIXTURES: As we welcome spring, it is crucial to completely inspect your outdoor plumbing as well for optimal performance. Start by running each spigot for about a minute, and if you hear any noise initially, wait until the sound dissipates and the water begins flowing steadily. Furthermore, when turning off each one, be sure to check diligently for persistent leaking or dripping from the pipes. This proactive approach can help safeguard against expensive repairs later! 

5. INSPECT YOUR WATER HOSES & SPRINKLERS: You should also perform a comprehensive inspection of your water hoses and sprinklers to make sure they are in excellent condition for the upcoming season. Temperatures below zero can cause cracking or shrinking of materials in the wintertime. Therefore, you should ensure there aren’t any breaks, leaks, or holes on both items prior to reconnecting them outside.  

6. INSPECT THE SUMP PUMP: As the classic saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers…” So, now is a good time to make sure your system is set up to succeed for the rainy season. It’s essential to make sure your sump pump is up and running if you have one on your property. What is the most straightforward way to test this out? Simply tip two buckets of water into its basin! This should kickstart the sump pump into action, but if it doesn’t, please give us a call.  Additionally, for the best possible efficiency, add cleaning this device as one of your top priorities during spring cleaning. Generally, sump pumps should be cleaned every 3-4 months! 

7. INSPECT YOUR WATER HEATER: To maintain the best performance and extend your water heater’s lifespan, an annual inspection is essential. Over time sediment can build up inside a water heater. So, having it serviced once a year is advised. A professional plumber can flush out any sediment buildup in the tank, ensuring that it runs more efficiently. Don’t let sediment get in the way of your machine reaching its optimum level; schedule an inspection today to keep things running at their peak for years. 

8. INSPECT YOUR YARD DRAINS & GUTTERS: Maintaining your gutters and yard drains is essential. Keeping them free of debris is paramount, as they are accountable for diverting rain away from your residence. If you do not have the time to manually clean these areas yourself, you can hire a professional, but make sure that this chore gets done before any heavy rains arrive. 

Embrace the season to its fullest by following our helpful tips and prepping for any plumbing-related issues. If ever you feel uneasy or need assistance, we are here to help! Do not hesitate in getting in contact with us. You can reach Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain today at (614) 363-1924, or schedule an appointment by clicking here!