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Well Pump Repair & Replacement Services in Upper Arlington, OH

At Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain, we are dedicated to providing top-notch well pump repair and replacement services to the residents of Upper Arlington, OH, and the surrounding areas. Our team is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and cutting-edge tools necessary to handle all your well pump needs. Whether you are dealing with a minor motor issue or require a complete well pump replacement, our experts are here to ensure your system operates flawlessly. We understand that even the smallest malfunction can disrupt your water supply, so we prioritize prompt and efficient service to get your well pump back in working order quickly.

Our highly skilled technicians have decades of experience repairing, replacing, and maintaining water wells and well pumps across Upper Arlington and Greater Columbus. We guarantee that your well pump’s moving parts will remain in prime working condition for years to come. Trusting your water source to just any handyman can lead to further complications and costly repairs. That’s why we emphasize the importance of relying on our team of professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional service and ensuring your access to clean, safe drinking water. With our comprehensive range of plumbing and well water services, you can have peace of mind knowing that Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain has all your well pump needs covered.

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What’s the Purpose of a Well?

Wells provide safe and ample amounts of drinking water for residential purposes. Wherever surface water is scarce, especially in places like deserts, or there isn’t municipal water, homeowners survived with the use of groundwater. Throughout history, people have used wells to get to the underground water. Wells are holes are drilled into the ground to get to the underground aquifer. Today, well pumps and pipes are used to extract the water from the underground aquifer. Screens are used to filter out any sort of unwanted particles that clog the pipe. 

Today’s wells are major improvements on the old pulley and hand-pumped wells of the old times. They are far more convenient nowadays. They are also much more complex in their setup, design, function and look. Wells draw the water into the home or structure with a pump. From there, it goes into the water lines and into your plumbing system to be accessible indoors through the faucets and spigots.  If you own a water well or have a well pump that needs professional services, well repairs or well pump replacement, you need our professional plumbers and well pump experts who can come out in a timely manner to perform the work.d care.

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4 Common Plumbing Issues with Well Pumps

Well pumps are essential for supplying water to homes that rely on private wells, but like any mechanical system, they can encounter various problems over time. Understanding these common plumbing issues is crucial for maintaining a consistent and reliable water supply. Whether you’re experiencing low water pressure, no water flow, frequent pump cycling, or unusual noises, identifying and addressing these issues promptly can prevent further complications and ensure the longevity of your well pump. In this article, we will explore some of the most common plumbing issues associated with well pumps and provide insights into their causes and solutions.

Low Water Pressure

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a frequent issue faced by homeowners with well pumps. This problem can arise due to a variety of reasons, including a clogged sediment filter, a malfunctioning pressure switch, or an issue with the pressure tank. It can also be caused by leaks in the plumbing system or the well itself. Diagnosing the exact cause requires a thorough inspection of the system to ensure all components are functioning properly.


No Water Flow

Another common problem is when the well pump stops delivering water entirely. This could be due to a power outage, a tripped circuit breaker, or a blown fuse. In some cases, the well pump might have reached the end of its lifespan and needs replacement. Additionally, a dry well or a significant drop in the water table can also result in no water flow from the pump.

Pump Cycling On and Off Frequently

Rapid cycling of the well pump is often indicative of an issue with the pressure tank, such as a loss of air charge. This can cause the pump to turn on and off repeatedly, leading to wear and tear on the motor and other components. A faulty pressure switch or a leak in the system can also contribute to this problem. Addressing the issue promptly is crucial to prevent damage to the pump.

Strange Noises

Unusual noises coming from the well pump or the plumbing system can signal several potential problems. Grinding, banging, or humming sounds may indicate that the pump motor is failing, the bearings are worn out, or there is debris in the pump. Air trapped in the pipes or a loose component can also cause strange noises. Identifying and fixing the source of the noise early can help avoid more serious damage and costly repairs.
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In Upper Arlington, OH, trust is paramount when it comes to plumbing services, and we at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain understand that implicitly. With years of experience serving the local community, we offer dependable plumbing solutions tailored to your needs. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, count on us for trustworthy and reliable service you can rely on. We are available 24/7 with emergency plumbers near you on call 365 days a year, including holidays.  Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain is your trusted, family-owned local plumbing company, serving all your plumbing needs in the Greater Columbus area. We offer expert plumbing assistance with for all types of plumbing repairs, plumbing inspection, excavation work, winterization, garbage disposal services, water heaters, sewer repairs, drainage work, emergency plumbing repairs, and more!

Whether you’re looking for toilet repair, faucet repair, sink repair, shower repair, dishwasher repair, water heater repair or pipe repairs, we can help. We also help with drain problems, pipe problems, drain cleaning, sewer lines and excavation, sump pumps, toilet clogging, toilet over flooding, plumbing installations, washing machines, water damage cleanup  & more! We can help! 

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Frequently Asked Well Pump Questions

Navigating plumbing issues can be challenging, but having the right information can make all the difference. In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about well pumps. Whether you’re dealing with a minor leak or planning a major renovation, our expert insights can help you keep your plumbing system in top shape. Call us today!

What factors determine the cost of a new well?

Factors that affect the cost of a new well include:

  1. Location of well
  2. Depth of well (the deeper the better)
  3. Size of well (bigger is usually better)
  4. Pump type (pumps can be electric, gasoline-powered, or diesel)
  5. Pump manufacturer and model number

The location of your water source determines whether or not it will be cost effective to drill a new well. In general, wells that are located further from city water mains tend to be cheaper than those that are closer in.

What should I do to maintain my well?

To maintain your well, you should:

  • Check for leaks.
  • Check the water level.
  • Check the water pressure.

Check the quality of the water being pumped from your system, and if there are any contaminants present in your well (such as minerals), you may want to consider installing a filtration system that will remove these contaminants before they reach your home’s plumbing system and appliances. 

When does a well need to be abandoned?

A well will need to be abandoned when it is no longer able to produce enough water for your household. If you have a well that is over 15 years old, it may be time to consider abandoning it. In addition, if your well becomes contaminated and the water cannot be used safely, it’s time to abandon it.

Lastly, if the casing has deteriorated or been damaged in any way and there’s a risk of contaminating the groundwater around your home with bacteria or other pollutants, then abandoning may be necessary as well.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Experts in Upper Arlington, Ohio

Are you trying to find an “emergency plumber near me?” or “emergency plumbing services near me” in Upper Arlington, Greater Columbus, or surrounding areas? If so, you are in the right place. You need to call the 24/7 emergency plumbers at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain! There is always a live plumbing expert answering our local phone lines here in Upper Arlington as we are open 365 days a year around the clock. 

No matter what sort of plumbing-related problems you’re dealing with, our fast plumbers at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain are on call 24 hours a day. We offer emergency plumbing services for both residential customers and commercial customers. We offer the full spectrum of emergency plumbing services including toilet repair, gas leaks, flooding services, unclogging drains, leak repair, toilet clogging, water heater leaks, water damage clean-up, gas line repairs, water damage repairs, bathroom restorations, drywall repairs, emergency water heater repairs, & much more. We also service all brands including, Bradford White, Sterling, Moen, Navien, BlissTubs, American Standard & more!