Professional Bathroom Renovation Services in Upper Arlington, Ohio

At Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain, we have all the skills and expertise necessary to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary you look forward to coming home to. If you’d like to turn an older bathroom into a space that your friends and family will admire, we are the company to call. We offer affordable bathroom renovation services throughout Greater Columbus and Central Ohio. As one of Upper Arlington’s premier bathroom remodeling services, we provide continuous bathroom renovation services every day of the year. We are your local bathroom remodeling experts in Greater Franklin County.

If you’re ready to embark on your bathroom transformation or renovation but aren’t sure where to start, no worries! We guide you in making the best choices and make the entire process simple, painless, easy, and affordable. We begin by discussing the types of products and materials available, and we carefully consider the layout of the room. Deciding on your own can be challenging, so we offer free in-home consultations to help you plan. Our friendly bathroom renovation experts will be with you every step of the way to ensure your bathroom renovation project is a big hit when it’s done. Additionally, we provide detailed project timelines and transparent pricing to keep you informed and confident throughout the renovation process.

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Affordable Bathroom Remodeling in Upper Arlington, Ohio

At Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain, we believe bathrooms should be accessible for everyone in the home and they should be designed with convenience and luxury in mind. Our bathroom remodeling specialists can give your bathroom a brand new look and luxurious feel that’s sure to become the talk of your next party. We perform all types of bathroom repairs and bathroom upgrades in a timely and efficiently manner.  

We offer competitive price rates for all types of bathroom projects. Homeowners who hire us to remodel or renovate their bathrooms give us top ratings and excellent reviews across the board. Our customers say their new bathrooms have a much better look and better feel with improved functionality. Whether you’d like to install a new toilet, replace a sink, install a bathtub, install a glass shower, install a walk-in bathtub or replace your bathroom tile or flooring, we at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain are ready to deliver the results you deserve at prices you can afford. We also offer drywall repair, drywall restoration, plaster repair, bathroom painting, bathroom vanities, bathroom cabinets and more.

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Clairon Partner

Proud Clarion Bathware® Partner

At Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain, we are proud to be an official Clarion Bathware Partner. Clarion is an outstanding American-based bathroom company known for its quality and innovation. We highly recommend the Clarion Bathware tub and shower combination as an excellent choice for bathroom renovations. Whether you need it for a small space or desire a larger tub/shower installation, Clarion is an exceptional option that allows you to enjoy both the tub and the shower of your dreams.

We also order Clarion products for new construction and bathroom renovation needs, providing convenient vacuum-packed one-piece units. These amazing bathroom products come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and other customizable options. Our partnership with Clarion ensures that you have access to top-notch products tailored to your specific needs. Call us today to learn more about Clarion Bathware and discover how it would be a perfect fit for your home. Additionally, our experienced team can guide you through the selection process, ensuring you make the best choices for your space. Let us help you transform your bathroom into a luxurious and functional oasis.

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4 Common Plumbing Bathroom Remodeling Problems

Remodeling a bathroom can be an exciting project, but it’s not without its challenges. Plumbing issues are among the most common problems that can arise during the process. Here are four common plumbing bathroom remodeling problems to be aware of and address proactively.


Improperly Installed Fixtures

Incorrect installation of sinks, toilets, or showers can lead to leaks, water damage, and inefficient functionality. Ensuring fixtures are properly aligned and sealed is crucial to prevent future issues.
Leaky Pipes

Poor Pipe Placement

Misaligned or poorly placed pipes can cause drainage problems, leaks, and reduced water pressure. Accurate planning and professional installation are essential to ensure the plumbing system works efficiently.
Air Ventilation

Inadequate Ventilation

Bathrooms require proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup, which can lead to mold and mildew growth. Ensuring that the plumbing system includes adequate venting is vital for maintaining a healthy and durable bathroom environment.

Sewer Line

Incorrect Pipe Sizes

Using the wrong pipe sizes can lead to inadequate water flow and pressure issues. It’s important to match pipe sizes correctly to the fixtures and the overall plumbing system to ensure optimal performance.

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Plumbing Services You Can Trust In Upper Arlington, OH

In Upper Arlington, OH, trust is paramount when it comes to plumbing services, and we at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain understand that implicitly. With years of experience serving the local community, we offer dependable plumbing solutions tailored to your needs. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, count on us for trustworthy and reliable service you can rely on. We are available 24/7 with emergency plumbers near you on call 365 days a year, including holidays.  Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain is your trusted, family-owned local plumbing company, serving all your plumbing needs in the Greater Columbus area. We offer expert plumbing assistance with for all types of plumbing repairs, plumbing inspection, excavation work, winterization, garbage disposal services, water heaters, sewer repairs, drainage work, emergency plumbing repairs, and more!

Whether you’re looking for toilet repair, faucet repair, sink repair, shower repair, dishwasher repair, water heater repair or pipe repairs, we can help. We also help with drain problems, pipe problems, drain cleaning, sewer lines and excavation, sump pumps, toilet clogging, toilet over flooding, plumbing installations, washing machines, water damage cleanup  & more! We can help! 

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Frequently Asked Plumbing Repair & Maintenance Questions

Navigating plumbing issues can be challenging, but having the right information can make all the difference. In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about plumbing repair and maintenance. Whether you’re dealing with a minor leak or planning a major renovation, our expert insights can help you keep your plumbing system in top shape. Call us today!

What is the best bathroom flooring?

When selecting the type of new flooring for a bathroom, homeowners need to take safety into account. Our bathroom renovation experts recommend using something that’s slip-resistant, like slip-free ceramic tile, cement tile, porcelain tile, natural stone, vinyl or wood flooring. Flooring is with a coefficient of friction (COF) rating on the material’s box. This rating indicates whether the tile is safe to walk on when wet. Additionally, and this goes without saying usually, if you’re considering the use of carpeting for your bathroom, we strongly suggest you rethink that option. Carpet is always unsuitable for bathrooms. The carpet’s fabric soaks up water and causes all sorts of bad odors. It also increases the risk of mildew and mold. 


What’s all included in a bathroom remodeling?

Bathroom remodel and bathroom renovations can include a wide range of things. Some homeowners opt for a new vanity, a new bathroom floor, new countertops, new cabinets, new bathroom lighting, a new toilet, new mirrors, a new medicine cabinet, a bathroom ventilation fan, bathroom painting, drywall repairs and more. Guest bathroom renovations can include all sort of different options as well, including a new toilet, a new shower or bathtub, installing new tile in the tub or around the shower, updating bathroom faucets, bathroom flooring and bathroom lighting with freshly painted walls, drywall restoration and/or new wallpaper. We also offer all sorts of bathroom repairs and bathroom remodeling services at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain. We have drywall experts for all your home remodeling needs. 

How important is bathroom ventilation?

Bathrooms are the most humid room in a home. When it comes to humidity, bathrooms are worse than kitchens. You see this when you take a hot shower or bath. Have you ever gotten out of the bath or taken a shower and seen how all your mirrors are steamed up? This same moisture on the mirrors also covers every single surrounding wall, including your drywall, your woodwork, and anything else in the room. Even though you may not see it in these places, if it’s covering your mirror, it’s everywhere else nearby. This dampness in the environment can turn into a breeding ground for mildew and mold. It’s an issue, unless you take measures to dry out the space and keep air flowing to lower the humidity. Almost all your building codes require you have adequate ventilation with a bathroom exhaust fan and some go so far as to require a window to the outside. In any case, because bathrooms are the most humid room in the home, experts suggest using bathroom ventilation. If you need a bathroom exhaust fan or bathroom fan installed in your home or business, we are the company to call. A good fan will help you to remove steam from the bathroom and help ventilate the moisture to the outside of the home to prevent damage.  

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Experts in Upper Arlington, Ohio

Are you trying to find an “emergency plumber near me?” or “emergency plumbing services near me” in Upper Arlington, Greater Columbus, or surrounding areas? If so, you are in the right place. You need to call the 24/7 emergency plumbers at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain! There is always a live plumbing expert answering our local phone lines here in Upper Arlington as we are open 365 days a year around the clock. 

No matter what sort of plumbing-related problems you’re dealing with, our fast plumbers at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain are on call 24 hours a day. We offer emergency plumbing services for both residential customers and commercial customers. We offer the full spectrum of emergency plumbing services including toilet repair, gas leaks, flooding services, unclogging drains, leak repair, toilet clogging, water heater leaks, water damage clean-up, gas line repairs, water damage repairs, bathroom restorations, drywall repairs, emergency water heater repairs, & much more. We also service all brands including, Bradford White, Sterling, Moen, Navien, BlissTubs, American Standard & more!