Happy April Fool’s Day! While the exact origins of this day remain somewhat mysterious, it is widely celebrated as a time for lighthearted jokes and humor. No judgment here! Just remain alert as you go about your day! Today, Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain is embarking on a unique endeavor of its own. As a local business, we want to always prioritize transparency, and what better day to do so than today? With numerous plumbing myths circulating, it is crucial to differentiate between fact and fiction. Join us today as we “bust” common plumbing misconceptions, unveiling the truth behind them. 

Common Plumbing Myths: 

1. What About Store-Bought Chemical Drain Cleaners?  

One prevalent plumbing misconception revolves around the belief that commercially available chemical drain cleaners offer a quick and effective solution for clogged drains. We know they may seem like a convenient choice, but the reality is that these cleaners have the potential to inflict detrimental harm on your pipes. This is because although they do the job of eating away at your clogs, they do a little too much also eating away at your pipes! Trust us; when this happens, it is costly to repair. Furthermore, they pose risks to your family’s health and the environment. If that isn’t that scream as something to stay away from, then we don’t know what does.  

Instead, try opting for mechanical methods like plunging or employing a drain snake. They’re both safer and more effective in the long run. When facing extra stubborn clogs, it is advisable to enlist the assistance of a qualified plumber.  

2. What About Using Hot Water to Rinse Grease Down the Kitchen Drain?  

Another plumbing myth suggests that pouring hot water down the drain can effectively eliminate grease. Yes, this may seem momentarily a good idea, but it is NOT! The issue lies in the fact that hot water merely only temporarily liquefies grease. Once hot water is no longer flowing down the kitchen drain, the grease will solidify upon cooling, causing further complications in the future and contributing to persistent pipe blockages. 

To counter this plumbing misconception, collect grease in a container and discard it in the appropriate manner, either in the trash or through correct recycling methods. This simple habit can prevent costly plumbing issues down the line, sparing you from avoidable stress and expenses. 

3. What About Using Flushable Wipes?  

Many consumers trust that flushable wipes are suitable for toilets based on their labeling – and we don’t blame anyone for falling prey to this myth. After all, they are marketed as such! However, consult any certified plumber, and they will likely advise against their use. This is because despite being labeled as flushable, these wipes do not disintegrate like toilet paper does. Therefore, flushing flushable wipes down your toilet can lead to avoidable plumbing issues such as blockages, backups, and overflows.  

It is advisable to refrain from using flushing anything but toilet paper down the toilet.  To avoid these problematic plumbing issues, please limit flushing to toilet paper only. You can still use wipes; just be sure to dispose of any wipes in the trash instead.  

4. What About Flush Feminine Products Down the Toilet?  

While we are on the topic of flushing, it is also not recommended to flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet. If you stop to consider the design of these items, it makes perfect sense that they are actually detrimental to your plumbing system, as they are intended to absorb liquid and expand upon getting wet. For the most part, most people know that pads and liners are not flushable, but tampons are another story. One thing to note is that the repercussions may not be immediate, but with repeated offenses, persistent flushing of these products over time can result in disastrous plumbing issues. 

Avoid falling for this plumbing misconception by disposing of all feminine hygiene products in the trash to prevent costly repairs and environmental damage. While it may be a tad inconvenient, you’ll appreciate the benefits of safeguarding your plumbing system! 

Do not be fooled by false plumbing tips! Steer clear of these prevalent plumbing misconceptions! Remember to avoid chemical drain cleaners, refrain from pouring grease down the drain, dispose of flushable wipes appropriately, and never flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet. These practices help avoid damage, costly repairs, and significant inconveniences. It is advisable to seek guidance from a professional plumber for accurate advice. If you’d like more information on caring for your plumbing system, feel free to explore our additional insightful blogs for more plumbing care tips! 

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