Have you ever taken a shower only to find your body doused with icy water instead of the warm relaxing water you were anticipating? We have all had that experience at least once. The great majority of this issue comes from pilot lights on water heaters being blown out. Don’t worry if you have a pilot light that has been extinguished; Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain can make your worries disappear with our simple guide to relighting your own pilot light! Follow these steps and enjoy all the perks of having hot water at home once again in no time! 

Are you having trouble reigniting your water heater’s pilot light?

Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide will give you all the knowledge necessary to get your hot water flowing again! 

  1. To get started, locate the access panel on the side of your water heater. It may be secured with screws or latches, so delicately remove it and set it aside so you can continue working.  
  1. For safety reasons, it is essential that you switch off the gas supply by twisting the valve to “off” before reigniting your pilot light. Make sure to wait 5-10 minutes after turning it off so any existing built-up gas can dissipate. This step should never be overlooked! It’s imperative that enough time passes for all dangerous gases in the area to disperse and prevent harm. 
  1. Your next move is to locate the control panel. You will be able to recognize it because of its knob-like switch and all its related buttons and settings. Before making any changes, take a moment to become familiar with this part of your machine. Look around for a little red or black square button near/below the knob, keeping an eye out for words like “reset” or “ignition.”  
  1. Next, turn the gas control valve to “pilot.” 
  1. To get started, firmly press and hold down the knob. Most knobs like these also function as buttons, so they can be pressed inward. 
  1. To light the pilot flame on your water heater, keep pressing down and hold the knob inward. Then press the small black square “ignition” button one time. It should ignite with just one click, but if not, simply try again! Be sure to keep “pilot” mode pressed during this. Your pilot light should spark back on upon pressing the “ignition” button. 
  1. When the indicator light blinks, you can finally release your grip on the “pilot” button/knob.  
  1. Then, easily customize your water heater to the perfect temperature setting for your needs. 
  1. Securely rotate the gas supply valve in a clockwise direction to turn it back on. 
  1. Before wrapping up, ensure that you return the access panel back to its initial position. 

It’s important to remember that, even with an electronic ignition system in your gas water heater, a backup pilot light is usually included. So, in the event of any malfunctions with the electricity-powered mechanism, you can always manually ignite the burner using either a lighter or a match when necessary. 

These straightforward measures will ensure that you can efficiently and securely relight your pilot light without worrying about any potential hazards or issues. All it takes is a few moments of focus and awareness; before you know it, the warmth of your home will be restored along with comfort!  

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