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The sump pumps in our homes can be one of the most neglected mechanical parts we own. However, when our basements flood during a storm we realize quickly we need a sump pump professional. Because sumps remove water from our basements and prevent flooding, sump pump breakdowns are one of the leading causes for basement flooding. If you’ve woke up after a storm to find your basement flooded, you know you need a sump pump repair expert and possibly a backup sump pump battery. Sump pump maintenance is the best way to prevent this in the first place. If you need sump pump installation or professional sump pump care, you should call Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain. We can get your sump pump back online and keep it running smoothly for years to come. We can also help with basement flooding and help you keep your basement dry all the time while giving you with the peace of mind, which is priceless. 

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Sump pumps are what protect our homes as well as our basements from water damage and flooding caused by heavy rain. If you have an issue with your sump pump, you should call the Miami Valley area’s sump pump repair specialists at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain. We can get your sump pump back online and working properly doing its job to make sure your basement will never flood again. 

Common Reasons for Sump Pump Failure
Sump pumps can quit working, lose power, or break down for all sorts of reasons. However, our local sump pump experts say the most common reasons for sump pump failure include: 

  • Power outage 
  • Poor installation 
  • Switch problems 
  • Motor failure 
  • Too small of a pump 
  • Lack of professional maintenance 
  • Lack of professional care for repairs or installation 
  • Outdated equipment older than 10 years old 
  • Damage to cords or electrical components 
  • Lack of sump pump back up battery 
  • Icy or clogged discharge lines 

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      Are you trying to find an “emergency plumber near me?” or “emergency plumbing services near me” in Upper Arlington, Greater Columbus, or surrounding areas? If so, you are in the right place. You need to call the 24/7 emergency plumbers at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain! There is always a live plumbing expert answering our local phone lines here in Upper Arlington as we are open 365 days a year around the clock. 

      No matter what sort of plumbing-related problems you’re dealing with, our fast plumbers at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain are on call 24 hours a day. We offer emergency plumbing services for both residential customers and commercial customers. We offer the full spectrum of emergency plumbing services including toilet repair, gas leaks, flooding services, unclogging drains, leak repair, toilet clogging, water heater leaks, water damage clean-up, gas line repairs, water damage repairs, bathroom restorations, drywall repairs, emergency water heater repairs, & much more.   We also service all brands including, Bradford White, Sterling, Moen, Navien, BlissTubs, American Standard & more!