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When it comes to the bathing experience you enjoy in your home, it doesn’t get much better than Bliss. Bliss is the best when it comes to bathtubs. The stress relief so many of our customers enjoy using their walk-in bathtubs by Bliss strengthens their immune system, lower blood pressure levels, manage diabetes and improves their overall heart health. Additionally, Bliss Tubs are also shown to improve metabolism!  

We at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain value our amazing customers tremendously. So we encourage homeowners to enjoy the safe, stress-free bathing experience they deserve and have a Bliss Tub installed by our bathroom specialists. 

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Benefits of Bliss Walk-In Tubs

Our Bliss bathtub installation services are priced at competitive and affordable rates with in house financing available. If you decide to install a Bliss tub, you’ll see why the Bliss name is so well-known and well-regarded. Below we list a few of the benefits you can enjoy with a new walk-in tub.


Helps With Depression

This is a major benefit if you’ve ever dealt with depression. Soaking in a hot bath helps alleviate depression, which is often caused by low levels of serotonin. Bliss tubs are great for depression because the brain triggers the release of serotonin when the body’s temperature rises. Because soaking in a hot bathtub raises body temperature, it is better for depression than exercising.  


Improves Oxygen Delivery

Soaking in a hot bath also improves oxygen delivery in addition to blood circulation. Warm water increases the heartbeat because of the pressure from the warm water. This helps with blood distribution, which ensures your blood flow and oxygen delivery, which is essential for health because blood carries oxygen from the lungs to all the other parts of the body. As your blood flow increases, your blood oxygen levels will also improve. 


Improves Joint, Muscle and Bone Health

Hot water therapy and hot baths have many health benefits for people with muscle issues or skeletal and bone conditions, such as paralysis. Soaking in a hot water loosens joint stiffness and helps to alleviate inflammatory pressure.  Walk-in tubs by Bliss are unlike other bathtubs because they are designed to contain more water than conventional bathtubs. You are also able to go deeper and become more submerged, which is effective in helping to ease bloating.

Blood Sugar

Helps With Blood Sugar Levels

Soaking in hot water also helps with high blood sugar. If your blood sugar levels are high, or if you have problems because of high blood sugar, soaking in a nice hot bath helps lower those blood sugar levels. Health officials say warm baths also heighten the release of heat shock proteins. These proteins help reduce blood sugar levels. One study said taking hot or warm baths can help burn off calories as well, which can also help with high blood sugar levels. 

Enjoy Luxury With a Bliss Walk-In Bathtubs in Upper Arlington, OH

Bliss tubs always exceed everyone’s expectations and needs. There’s nothing quite like owning a Bliss tub. The bathing experience they offer is incomparable. Bliss tubs improve overall quality of life and help older homeowners stay self-reliant. They also help anyone dealing with any sort of mobility issues. By hiring a bathroom remodeling expert at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain, you get to set your Bliss tub in an open and spacious area. If you have any sort of space constraints, don’t fret. We can also install a smaller tub for people with smaller spaces. Bliss tub offers a wide range of tub sizes to give you the utmost freedom and comfort. 

We at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain are well-known (as a member of the Five Star Plumbing Group) for our professional installation of these amazing bathtubs. We can convert a standard bathroom into a more luxurious bathroom that will be something you cherish for years. Water jets, air jets, and air massage are a few of the great features that come with a Bliss Tub. 

If you want to know more about Bliss Walk-in Tubs, call your local bathroom experts Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain today! 

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Frequently Asked Bliss Walk-In Tub Questions

Do you need a “repair plumber near me,” a “plumbing maintenance expert near me” or a “handyman plumber near me” in Upper Arlington, Greater Columbus, or surrounding areas? If so, you are definitely in the right place! We are Central Ohio’s #1 plumber. 

If you have a residential or commercial plumbing related need or concern, don’t delay in calling Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain today! 

What’s the difference between drain cleaning and drain clearing?

Although these two terms are often used synonymously, they aren’t the same. Drain clearing involves the removal of specific clogs to restore water flow. Drain cleaning is more comprehensive; it involves the removal of all the dirt, grease, clogs, and debris from the insides of pipes. Drain cleaning makes pipes and drains as clean as new. 

If you’re merely looking for cheap drain clearing services to remove a specific drain at the lowest possible cost, you would probably opt for drain clearing services. Nevertheless, this service is usually a short-term solution. The drawback with drain clearing is that there will probably be remnants of the clog particles that could clog the pipe in the future. If that happens, you’ll need to clear the pipe again with a clog cleaner. For drain clearing, most plumbers use a drain tool called a drain snake. 

Drain snakes have tiny metal blades and are either powered by hand or by a motor. The drain snake’s blades cut through the clog and gets it out with a cable. Using the drain snake, plumbers lower the blades with the cable and cut through the clog. Compared to drain clearing, are drain cleaning services are a much more permanent solution. Drain cleaning is ideal for older drains and pipes that are jammed with multiple clogs or clogs that keep coming back. 

Drain cleaning cleans out all the grease, clogs, and anything else that might be restricting water flow going down drains. The only reason a lot of homeowners don’t call for a drain cleaner in the first place is because of the cost of the service. Drain cleaning costs more than drain clearing. However, most people use it instead of using drain clearing. In the long run, however, drain cleaning is the most affordable solution because it is long-term and more effective. 

How does the watertight bathtub door work?

Water-tight bathtub doors are fitted with a water-tight seal that prevents water from leaking out. When this door is closed and sealed, water won’t leak out of the tub. Additionally, the door design has silicone or other non-water-soluble material around the edges that prevent any water from leaking out.  Bliss Walk-In Tubs have a watertight door that forms a strong seal when it is latched and closed. The water weight pushes on the door to seal it, which makes it leak-proof. Bliss guarantees all their tubs will be water-tight. 

Can I use my Bliss Tub be as a shower?

Bliss Tubs can be used for showing in addition to bathing. This is good if you don’t feel like using your Bliss tub for a full bath and just need a shower if you’re in a hurry. Bliss also offers a deluxe faucet set that has an extendable or retractable hand-held shower head. This shower head can be mounted on the deck of the tub. If you’re interested, your bathtub installer can also mount the handheld showerhead on the wall. 

How are Bliss Tubs installed?

Because Bliss Tubs has both right-hand and left-hand entry points, they need to be installed by a professional like Miamisburg Plumbing & Drain. In addition to the entry points, there are additional extensions and features that we ensure the space is adequate for a walk-in tub. We handle all this and more from start to finish and make sure to leave your bathroom in better condition than the way we found it. 

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No matter what sort of plumbing-related problems you’re dealing with, our fast plumbers at Upper Arlington Plumbing & Drain are on call 24 hours a day. We offer emergency plumbing services for both residential customers and commercial customers. We offer the full spectrum of emergency plumbing services including toilet repair, gas leaks, flooding services, unclogging drains, leak repair, toilet clogging, water heater leaks, water damage clean-up, gas line repairs, water damage repairs, bathroom restorations, drywall repairs, emergency water heater repairs, & much more.   We also service all brands including, Bradford White, Sterling, Moen, Navien, BlissTubs, American Standard & more!